Good Day !!

With all the chaos and uncertainty going around in the world today ,,,, it is tough to stay positive ,, for sure !!!

To add to the unknown stresses,,, there is a lot of renewed talk of Nuclear war ,,, Getting Nuked !! Who would not be apprehensive about this scenario ??? It could affect you no matter where you are !!!

Well here is my take on this subject!!! We are all going to be Nuked someday !!!

We may be nuked, not just by a war ,,, but by disease, disaster, health issues, accidents, old age or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time !!! Bottom line ,,, death is in everyone’s future ,,, someday !!!

So what am I saying ???

We shouldn’t be worried about how, when or where we will be Nuked ,,, but where we are going after this life-ending event happens !!!

We have two choices in this regard ,,,, we step into Heaven with the Lord Jesus Christ for eternity or we step into Hell for eternity!!!

This choice has to be made before we are Nuked and pass away from this world ,,, no second chances after we die !!!

To go to Heaven with Jesus for eternity,, you have to believe who he is ,,, son of God that came to take on our sins !!! You ask him into your life/heart and admit you are a sinner ,, as we all are ,,, and accept his forgiveness through faith in him as your Savior and you will be forgiven and be filled with his Holy Spirit forever and be heaven bound,,, no matter how you are nuked !!

After you accept him and are filled with his guiding spirit ,,, you won’t be so concerned about being nuked,,, as you now have a guaranteed beautiful eternity waiting you !!

So how do you chose Hell for eternity,,, well just refuse Jesus or put him off until you are nuked ,,,, in other words ,,, just continue as you are without Jesus until your fated day comes !!

I pray you will choose Jesus today !!!

God Bless Your Day !!!

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