What comes to your mind when you think of God ??? There are a lot of different meaning and variations to God in this world !!! Depending on your beliefs or non-beliefs, there is a wide difference of opinions on God !!!

God in your mind and perception may be some statue with super natural powers, or your God might be money, wealth, power and recognition!!! You may think of Mother Nature as some form of God or some famous person or leader or king or politician or church leader as a God !!! Some thinking today even suggests that each one of us is a God in our own right !!!

So, as you can see, God, the word, can carry a lot of different meanings and perceptions by different people and cultures with just that one word !!!

So this is why,,, as a believer and child of the one true God,,, we need to refer to his name,,,, Jesus Christ,,, the only begotten son of God, the creator of all things, material and human !!!!

When you refer to God as Jesus Christ,,, everyone will pretty much know in whom you are referring !!! They may not believe in him, they may hate him, they may ignore him, they may not think of him as a God,,, but they will all, pretty much, know who you are talking about !!!

That is why I do not just talk about finding God !!! I want to be perfectly clear who I am speaking of and who can truly save and help them !!!

We all need to seek Jesus,,, believe in who Jesus is,,, ask forgiveness of Jesus and be saved by Jesus !!! No other false Gods of this world will be able to help you now and for eternity !!! False Gods equals False Hope !!!

Seek Jesus now because once this physical life is over (pass away) ,,, there are no second chances !!! The future is known by no one except God !!!

I am pretty confident that 99% of the people that will pass away (die) today did not think they would die today,,,,, yesterday !!!

Please make your decision for Jesus today, so you don’t have to worry about tomorrow or where you will spend eternity!!!

God Bless You and Your Day !!!

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