Art of Procrastination

The Art of Procrastination,,, Maybe one of my Greatest Achievements and my Greatest Failure !!!

So what is the Art of Procrastination ??? Well,,, for me,,, is the known ability to do anything other,,,, then what I know I should be doing !! Fact of the matter is,,, I have been practicing this art to not write about this art ??? Pretty sad huh ???

In my mind and my own experiences, there are two types of Procrastination ,,,, Earthly and Heavenly !!

Let me start with Earthy procrastination !!!

TV is my favorite mode of earthly procrastination ,,, set and watch some mindless non-thinking show so I don’t do what I know I need to be doing,, and then to use it as a lame excuse !!

Now watching a bit of TV is not, in and of itself,,, necessary a bad thing unless you are using it, or over using it, as an excuse to not do what you know you need to be doing- For me, in college,,, it was TV instead of going to class or studying,,, at home it may be not helping around the house or fixing what needs to be fixed or not playing with the kids,,,, at work it may be now finishing the report or just not taking care of business,,, the list is endless !!!

We all know when we are procrastinating ,,, the trick is to just start doing what you know you need to be doing (Get off your Duff),,, and then the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction will kick in and you are on your way !!!

Now Heavenly Procrastination !!

For me this can be a problem as well !!! Sometimes praying or meditating can be a form of procrastination ,,, for me !! Now don’t get me wrong,, Praying is probably the most productive, satisfying and peaceful thing you can do,,, if praying to Jesus ,,,, but it can be an excuse to not do what he is convicting you to do !!!

For instance he convicts me of something he wants me to do or work to accomplish,,, but my selfishness or pride or bullheadedness kicks in and I will pray and meditate and pray and meditate on it or anything else to not have to start the process he wants me to begin !!! Heavenly Procrastination !!!

Here’s the problem,,, he knows your heart, thoughts and all your motives !!! Guess What ??? You are fooling no-one but yourself !! What’s that ole saying,,,, “You can run,,, but you can’t hide”

In my experience ,,, Procrastination Praying,,, won’t produce the results you hope for !!! But you can always pray for the strength and willpower to get you out of the Procrastination cycle,,, and that,,, will bring you positive results and peace of mind !!

God Bless and have a Great Day !!!

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