Fear,,,, we all have experienced it or are experiencing it right now !! There seems to be a lot of fear in the world right now!! So what,,, if anything, can we do about it and deal with any fears in our life ???

What causes fear ??

In my experience fear comes when an “unknown” enters my life !! I tend to have a basic fear of something that I do not understand or can’t confidently predict the outcome,,, that will have an effect on my life !!

But who can overcome an unknown,, before it is known,,, and eliminate the fear associated with it ???

Well,,,, we have to get to know and trust the knower of all unknown’s !!!

That would be the Lord Jesus Christ ,,,, our Heavenly Father and creator of all things !!! He is the only one in which there are no unknown’s so there is no fear !!!

If you believe in him and lay all your unknown’s at his feet and follow in faith his guidance,,, he will take away your fears and guide you through any unknown in peace and confidence !!!

Believe me,,, that is a good feeling in this day and age of constant unknown’s thrown in our path !!!

Get to know the knower of all unknown’s and let him remove the fear from your life !!!

It works !!!

God Bless and have a fearless day !!!

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