Been A While

Well, it has been a while since I loaded a post,,, There have been,,,, as with most of us,,, some trying times !!! The world seems to be in chaos with discontent, hatred, disrespect, and greed running rapport !!! No one seems to believe or trust anyone- Not a fun atmosphere in a lot of places !! It is easy to get down and depressed – I know I did a bit !!!

But wait,,, why should I get pulled down by all that is around me ??? I believe and pray to God and Jesus almost every day,,, even when I don’t feel like it is doing any good,,, Why you ask ??? Because you have to have faith that everything is under his control, and he is watching out for you, if you have faith and believe !!!

I ran across this quote from Max Lucado !!! Seems to hit my faith, or lack of it, right on the head !!

Max Lucado encourages us: “Don’t measure the height of the mountain. Ponder the power of the One who made it. Don’t tell God how big your storm is. Tell the storm how big God is. Your problem is not that your problem is so big, but that your view of God is too small.”

That was definitely some of my problems !!!

Think about it !!!! Faith, Hope, and Love to and through Jesus can conquer any problem,,, Any Problem !!!

God Bless Your Day !!!

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