Can we even begin to fathom or even, be able, to comprehend, the depth of God’s Love for us- I really don’t think so, but let me apply it to a case in point !!! I will apply this thought to a subject that I am sure I know better than anyone else in this world,,, a subject that I know inside and out ,,,,, ME !!!

So could I,,, from a God’s view,,, love and forgive me,,, knowing all that I know about myself and the reasons/excuses I have used throughout my life to repeatably sin and chase the world and live the deception ???

So could, or would I still be able to love and forgive me ??? Well thinking a lot about this,,, and as much as I would like to be able to, kid myself, and give a positive answer,,, I am afraid it would have to be …….. I seriously doubt I would be able to love and forgive me !!! Pretty hopeless sad outlook,,, indeed !!!!

But here is the Good News ,,,, Jesus still does Love Me and will still forgive me ,,, I just have to believe, ask him into my life and admit I have sinned and ask forgiveness !!!! There it is !!! Done Deal !!!! He will instantly come into your heart and fill you with his unwavering love !!!

Without Jesus in our hearts,,,, we will never be able to even begin, to understand the Limitlessness and Depths of his Love for us !!!

When he welcomes us into Heaven,,, that is when we will truly comprehend the depths of his love- A love that is beyond our boldest imagination in this world !!!

God Bless and Have a Great Day !!!

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