Lone Slipper

Good Morning-

So the question I have been asking myself is,,, Does God know my future long before I am even close to it ??? Well my answer has to be a resounding “YES” based on my experiences – There are a lot of little things that have happened during my life’s journey that, I believe, supports my belief- One example is my experience with the:

Lone Slipper !!

A few decades ago,,, probably 3 to 4, I received a pair of leather sheep wool lined, slip-on slippers- What a joy they were to wear on cold mornings and late evening- They were definitely a “warm and fuzzy” for my feet- I liked them so much that I moved them all around the world with me when I went to different projects !!!

About a decade or so ago, during one of my moves, I lost one of these slippers- What a sad feeling when I realized the loss- Now you have to understand that I have never been a hoarder of much – I would lighten my load, so to speak, every time I moved- This has been pretty much a good policy, but I have to admit, there are a few things I have deleted that I now wish I had kept !!!

Anyhow, I have moved a few times since I realized the missing slipper,,, but I continued to move that one remaining slipper with me- Pretty amazing for me,,, why would I keep just one slipper when I have two feet and plan to have two feet for the rest of my life ???

Now this is the point where I know God knew exactly what was in my future and helped me get prepared for it, long before I had a clue !! Thinking back, anytime I have contemplated what my future or retirement might be, never once did I imagine that I would have a below knee amputation of my right leg- That hit completely out of the blue !!!

Well a couple of months ago I had the thought that instead of wearing a sock on my left foot, what about a slipper- But they don’t sell single foot slippers ??? Hummmmm !!! Then it hit me- What about that slipper I have been moving with me for years ??? But what are the chances that it is a left foot slipper ???

So I started digging through my closet and sure enough,,, there it was and guess what,,, It is a left foot slipper !!! My left foot is now warm and fuzzy again !!!!

In my mind that is just one small example in my life that foretold my future- As I think back,,, there are many small things in my life that God used to help prepare me or comfort me, for what was ahead !!!

Invite Jesus into your life, and you will be amazed at all he can do and will do for you,,,, no matter what your situation is now or in the future !!!

Have faith and believe !!!

God Bless Your Day !!!

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