Heartwise – Worldwise

I believe that we all have to deal with two completely different types of Wisdom in this life- I call them Heartwise and Worldwise ??

God has stated in his holy word that he, as our creator, has placed his word into all of our hearts,,, that is the Heartwise Wisdom-

Worldwise is the Wisdom we experience, deal with, compete with and fight with as we live in an unbelieving world,,,,

So what’s the difference ???

Heartwise comes out of Love, forgiveness, patience, and respect- It is based on giving, rather than receiving !! Heartwise results in a positive experience for both sides !!

Worldwise comes out of Selfishness, self-satisfaction, self-glorification and getting all and more then what I think I deserve !! It is based on receiving !! Worldwise usually results in a negative experience for both sides !!

Heartwise and Worldwise do not play well together, in fact, I would say that that they are complete opposites in most cases !!

My personal case in point with these two forms of Wisdom !!

I recently went through a divorce- The particulars aren’t important, just that we both landed at the same conclusion on how we needed to proceed- The Lord laid it on me to deal with this from a Heartwise perspective, and by so doing, it was a respectful, positive process based on Love rather than animosity- It was good for her and my daughter and we can still deal with each other as we need to where our lives are still connected- Still True Friends and that is a big positive after a divorce !!!!

Now here is the downside, from a worldly point of view, of most any Heartwise action,,, the Worldwise response !!!

Sometimes when I let myself get into a Pity-Party, Woe is me depressed state,,, the Worldwise view raises its ugly head !!! What were you thinking !!! You could have got more,!!! You should have taken more!!! Why should she be happy at your expense,,,, you are a bloomin’ idiot !!! I have even had friends tell me that I was dealing with my heart (Heartwise) and not with my head (Worldwise) A kind way of saying,,, I blow it !!!

So did I,,, blow it ???

Certainly not,, without a doubt not !!! I have a peace about this whole life issue that comes only from God because I tried to follow his conviction- There is no better feeling !!! I can look and deal with my ex-wife and daughter with love and joy as I am a part of their new direction in life,,, both with me and without me !!! Isn’t that the point of Love,,, to help and let people soar forward and free in their lives knowing that they have your support and best wishes !!!!

Heartwise Love is not always the easiest path, in this world,,, but it is always the best path!!!

God Bless Everyone of You !!!


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