“The Good” and “The Not So Good”

I have known and followed Jesus for a lot of years,,, most of my life. There have been “good times” and there have been “not so good” times. In looking back at all this,,, I can state without any doubt ,,,, that the “good times” were when I was close with Jesus and talking with him daily,,, the “not so good” were when I was running from him and handling my own affairs.

I am not saying that the “good times” were all fun and games, what I am saying is that I knew that Jesus was leading and had my back. Although things may have been tough,,, there was a calm in me that just reassured me that all would be okay. I have to say, that is a big deal.

In the “not so good” times when I was apart from Jesus and running in the world,, I never had that calm or reassurance that all would be okay. BIG DIFFERENCE !!!!

Now you ask,,, why if I am this convinced that this is the case in my life,,, why do I still have “not so good” times. Well that is an easy answer,,, I am a sinner and I still have a sin nature that I must fight against every day. If I go a few days or longer and disconnect from Jesus (run away from him)(stop talking with him) then the world comes flooding in with all the self-pity,, self-glorification and the “I deserve better” feeling.

We all have to realize that when we get out of Jesus’s yard and into the Devil’s yard (World) ,,, we are all out of our league without the help, guidance and protection of Jesus.

Accept Jesus and pray and talk with him every minute, moment, day,,, I guarantee he will give you a calm and peace that you will not believe but have always longed for, no matter what your present situation may be !!!!

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