Gifts,,, Isn’t it fun to receive gifts. I love gifts, when someone gives you a gift it just lightens your heart and makes you day. There are many types and kinds of gifts,, but probably the greatest gift is life itself. Our Mom and Dad’s gave us the gift of life here on earth. We never asked for it, it was just given to us freely to do with as we please. What a gift !!!

Another man gave us a free gift as well. It is the gift of where we will spend eternity. That man was Jesus Christ. He took on all of our sins,,,, past, present and future,,, so we would have a way to gain forgiveness and spend eternity, after this physical life, with him in Heaven.

There is a catch however,,, that free gift has to be accepted by believing in him, accepting him, admitting that we are a sinner, and asking him for forgiveness. That is it and you will be saved and go to him in heaven after this earthy stay !!

This is not a question of whether you will have an eternity, all our souls are eternal, it is a question of where you will spend eternity. You can choose Jesus and have eternity with him in heavenly paradise, unlike any wonderful thing we can imagine or you can reject him or just choose not to choose and spend eternity separated from him in eternal darkness and torment, unlike any terribly thing we can imagine.

This is what we are celebrating this Easter week,,, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in his victory over death and sin and is now setting at the right hand of God.

Think beyond this present life and look to eternity. You do have eternity before you,,, the only question is where do you want/desire to spend it. Make the chose and find Jesus !!!

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