Take a Hand

I was having a cup of coffee the other day and noted a mom and little boy walking down the sidewalk. He was walking along taking in everything around him. Looking upward, backward, off to both sides, just all around, not paying much attention to where or what he was about to walk into or fall off of,,,, And why should he,,,, he had mom’s hand and he knew she was paying attention to lead him away from any hazards or trouble,,, well maybe he didn’t exactly understand that, but there was a natural trust already instilled in him about mom.

I can still remember those early days,,, I didn’t worry too much when I was with mom or dad,,, I just knew they were in control and would keep me from harm, even before I knew what harm was ??? There was a real comfort in knowing what I didn’t really understand,,, but just knew it was so.

Well we can still “Take a Hand” as we go through this life. It is the hand of God through Jesus Christ.  It is exactly the same feeling and comfort as we had with Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa. We know when we take his hand, he is in control and will guide us along and keep us from harm. We know this because he has instilled it in every one of us from creation. We really won’t understand it until we have passed through this life,,, but we know it is true.  We can fight it and we can be in denial, but nothing will change it. We are all still children of God and he is still our Father.  Accept his son Jesus, ask for his forgiveness and Take the Hand of God to lead you through the hazards and harms of this world.

Now you can, again, walk along through this world knowing that he is in charge and paying attention for you. Find Jesus !!!!!

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