Your Book

As we go through life we are just writing our Book of Life. Each day is a new page and each new experience or major change,,, a new chapter. As in all good books,,, some chapters are fun and exciting to read/live and other chapter are dull and boring,,, but they all follow a common thread of our views, feelings, beliefs and decisions as we pass through our life.

When we are young and growing, the tread is thin and flexible and may even break a few times as we start to land and form our basic belief structure and opinions of life and where we stand in it. In these early stages of our book, it is easy to change our direction and keep right on writing without any problems for the readers (Society). It can be accepted readily by society because we are young and still learning/developing.

As we get older, we start to harden our outlooks and build our walls to either keep people out or keep people in. We tend to lose our ability to change, either because we don’t want change or we become afraid of change. We dig ourselves into a deeper and deeper hole of focus. As with all physical holes/caves that I have been in, the deeper you go, the darker it gets and the less you can see of the outside.

You know that you are going the wrong way, but it becomes harder and harder to turn yourself around. One of the major reasons, in my mind, is peer pressure, at all ages. The people and associates around you that have been following your book, don’t want to accept any change in direction. They have come to know you from your book and usually want you to continue in that same direction. You see they hate change as well. So we keep going deeper in the wrong direction by convincing ourselves that there is some miraculous light at the bottom of the hole.

Well luckily there can be a miraculous light in any of life’s black holes, no matter how deep or how dark. It is the light of the Lord Jesus Christ into our lives. You can turn to him and call on him for light, and you will have it. Your world in the dark will change to light as well as your priorities and outlooks. You will no longer feel alone or lost. As it says in the bible, John 8:32, You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

I pray you find the Light of Jesus to shine in your life to guide, complete and change your life !!!

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