Stephen Hawking

I have been reading about this guy- Probably one of the most worldly intelligent men today – His knowledge is so far above 95% or maybe 99% of most I can’t even grasp it – Needless to say he is hard to understand by people like me-

He is also one of the leading Atheists in the world today from his writing – He hates God,,, and more then that he wants us all to hate God- He would go so far as to insist that we come to the conclusion that God does not even exist-

My humble take would be that this comes from the physical side- God gave him one of the greatest minds but not the greatest body- How could God, in his infinite wisdom, do this to him ???? I hate you father for giving me so much ,,,, but not in a perfect state – How could you do this to me ??? Because you have done this to me,,, I will use all that you have given me against you- I will work to destroy you at the cost of destroying myself- You have made me a Greater/Lessor among men,,, among men is where I want my praise- How could you do this to me ???

Stephen Hawking, if he does not change his way and ask forgiveness and accept the Lord Jesus Christ, will spend eternity asking why he did not glorify God with all he was given- If he would just give the glory to God,, which gave it to him,,, he could make,,, who knows,, what kind of accomplishments and improvements to the world ?????

We all have God given strength as well as weakness- If we dwell on our weakness and blame God for it, we will never Glorify God with our strength – I believe that if we focus on our strength …. God will take care of the weakness !!!

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