Where is your light,,,,, shining

I believe we all have a light inside,, that is shown outside.  It says in the Bible ,,,  let your light shine into the world.  This is the light given to all of us from the Lord God. So the question is ” Where does our light shine” ?? Will in most cases,, including me,, it shines in the mirror. Mirror you say ?? Yes Mirror- What happens when you shine a flashlight in a mirror,,, it shines right back on you. It highlights you,,, it emphasis you. So where does our light shine,,,, it shines to glorify us !!! So what does the Bible mean to let your light shine ???

Have you ever shined a flashlight into the darkness?? All of a sudden there is all kinds of stuff you didn’t see or realize was out there. It shows you the way and the dangers in the dark.

Can you have darkness and light,,,,, Absolutely not,,, you either have light or darkness !!!! So what does the Bible mean,,, let your light shine.  If you have God and Jesus in you life,,, you have a light that will light the darkness to all around you in the darkness of the world.

What is the purpose of a lighthouse,,, to alert to danger in the dark and show the way to safety. Your light from Jesus is the same. Find Jesus and let your light shine,,, you will be amazed of the response from a dark world !!!

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