I had a thought

I had a thought the other night, or maybe a revelation, but whatever I call it,,, I believe it was direction from the Holy Spirit. It simply stated that I am letting Satan control me,,,, WHAT,, how can that be. I certainly am not perfect, but I am reading the Bible and praying. I can see the prophecies unfolding each day around me as foretold in the Bible. I see the deceptions of the Devil in the world more and more each day. I have asked for forgiveness and have accepted Jesus as my Savior,,, so how could Satan be controlling me ????

Short answer,,,, By letting Satan deceive me into thinking I need to keep my mouth shut….

Hmmmmm ,, come to think about it, I don’t know anyone that can read minds ?? So what good is the knowing, the seeing, the thinking and the incite that I have received from Jesus  to anyone else,,,,, if I don’t open my mouth and let them know what I know so Jesus can begin to work in their lives as well.

Forgive me Lord and give me the strength and courage to “Open my Mouth”

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