What if we had a book,,,

What if we had a book,,, say a book of companies,, that told us the future of companies around the world into the future.  What if this book also told us about companies, before they even exist. Microsoft in the 50’s or Google in the 60’s. The hot item right now is self-driving cars. What if this book could tell what companies would make it big on this front. What if this book was 100% accurate with it predictions,,,, Would you read this book knowing it could make you millions of dollars….. Of course you would !!! Well sorry to say I don’t know of any such book right now..

What I do know is there is another book about the future and prophecy that was written thousands of years ago dealing with what is happening in the world today,, with 100% accuracy – This book tells us what is happening and what is going to happen. It tells us the players in this end time scenario as well as the results and ending. Is also tells us that some major players today will not be part of it,,, that will surprise a lot of people.  The best part of this book is that it tells us how to survive in this environment and do it with a peaceful heart and lack of fear for the turmoil around us right now.

What is this book,,, It is the God Inspired Holy Bible, based on the King James Translation. This book can have a much greater influence on your future and more importantly your place in eternity then the book of companies dreamed about above. Give it a read !!!!

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