When to Pray

ALWAYS – How often do you check the time, how often do you look at the weather, how often do you think of a loved one, how often do you look in the mirror ??? All of these should be secondary to talking with God.

It is so easy,,,, why ??? Because when you accept and know Jesus,,, He is always with you,,, always – As it says in James 4:8 Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Believe me,, when you draw close to him, you will feel him close to you. Man,, What a Feeling !!

Problem is, I will let sin in my life block that link sometimes. When the link is blocked, the feeling is gone. To restore the link, I have to humble down and ask forgiveness of Jesus from my heart. If I do that,,, he will forgive and let the goodness flow.

Seems simple enough but so hard to swallow my Pride and admit/confess I was wrong. If Pride is in the way, it won’t be heartfelt, so it won’t work !!

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