Fly in the Barn Window Gallon Jar

Having grown up on a farm,,, I am real familiar with Flies. You know the big black ones that are always bugging you and buzzing around.  My dad always had some milk cows so we had a little milk barn where we milked the cows,,, morning and night. Well with cows, mud, milk and manure,, there were always a bunch of flies,,, everywhere. Also we sold milk by the gallon jar back then so lots of gallon jars around and always a few in the barn windows. Everyday I would walk by some of those open topped gallon jars and see flies banging around in them.  Those Flies would bang their heads against an invisable wall until most died in the jar. I always wondered why they didn’t just fly out the top of the jar ??? They could see the whole world outside the jar but never changed their actions to survive,,,, I mean all they had to do is back off, look up and fly out to freedom!!! Some did just that ,,, but they were very few.

Does this ring a bell,,, We go around restricted by the world’s jar, knowing deep inside, that this is not what we need, want or desire,, but we just keep banging our heads against that invisible worldly wall,,,  never finding that peace and contentment we long for.

So what do we need to do,,,, just back off, look up, accept the free gift from Jesus and fly out to freedom.

Three Things God Can’t Do

I once read a sermon based on John 3:16, titled “Three Things God Can’t Do.” First, he loves us so much he cannot love us any more than he already does: “For God so loved the world . . . ” Second, he gave us so much he cannot give more than he already has: “that he gave his only begotten Son . . .” Third, he made salvation so simple he cannot make it any simpler: “that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

I read this at the “Denison Forum on Truth and Culture” Check it out,, it has great common sense commentary on daily and worldly events !!

God’s Farm

I grew up on a small farm.  Every spring was a new beginning, everything was growing, welcoming and preparing for summer to come.  Then summer was here along with all the wonderful days that go with warm weather, green grass and beautiful mountains. Then came the fall, getting everything harvested and stored for the coming winter. What a beautiful time of the year with all the colors and foods.

It occurred to me this morning that we are all living on God’s Farm.  The spring has come and gone with the creation of everything. The summer is ending after years of development and growing and choosing what we want and where we are going. Now I believe the fall is coming or already upon us. The fall, on the farm, is when you do all the harvesting ,,, I think we are getting close to God harvesting his farm. Just like the Combine that harvests the wheat,, the good seed (People that have accepted Jesus) will go into the bin of heaven and the chaff (People who rejected Jesus) will be left in the fields to be burned with the stubble (Hell). I pray everyone will be ready for the harvest,,, it is coming,,, just like winter.