God’s Farm

I grew up on a small farm.  Every spring was a new beginning, everything was growing, welcoming and preparing for summer to come.  Then summer was here along with all the wonderful days that go with warm weather, green grass and beautiful mountains. Then came the fall, getting everything harvested and stored for the coming winter. What a beautiful time of the year with all the colors and foods.

It occurred to me this morning that we are all living on God’s Farm.  The spring has come and gone with the creation of everything. The summer is ending after years of development and growing and choosing what we want and where we are going. Now I believe the fall is coming or already upon us. The fall, on the farm, is when you do all the harvesting ,,, I think we are getting close to God harvesting his farm. Just like the Combine that harvests the wheat,, the good seed (People that have accepted Jesus) will go into the bin of heaven and the chaff (People who rejected Jesus) will be left in the fields to be burned with the stubble (Hell). I pray everyone will be ready for the harvest,,, it is coming,,, just like winter.

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