Look Around

Look around ,,,, what do you see,,,, trees, flowers, grass, clouds, blue sky, oceans, tall building of all shapes and sizes, airplanes, space ships, cars, trains and so much more ,,, all given to us by the Lord God Almighty through his son Jesus- But because of our Pride, Arrogance, Selfishness and I’ness,, we try and take the credit and glorify ourselves- But you know what ,,, this all is nothing compared to what we can have for eternity by just believing and accepting the Lord Jesus Christ into our lives- We puff up our chests and try and take the credit for everything,,, when actually nothing is ours to take any credit for- The credit should always and in all things go to God, and, as it says in the Bible, if you glorify him,, he will glorify you- Any and all glory we receive should and must come from God,,,, not from man,,, if it is to have any beneficial effect or meaning in our lives.

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