Satan’s Deceptions

One of Satan’s many deceptions that I embraced and allowed in my life was this,,, “There is always time to change and ask forgiveness” I bought into this lie because it allowed me to chase the world- As I have stated,, I found the Lord Jesus at an early age and have believed in him ever since,,, but I wanted the world as well- This was one deception that I grasped- I remember, vividly, standing at a bar late one night and thinking,, This is not right for who I am or want to be and certainly not right in the eyes of Jesus,,, but you know what my immediate answer to myself was,, I have time to change and get back with the Lord,,, I can start tomorrow- Well a lot of tomorrows went by and eventually Jesus convicted me and brought turmoil into my life to get my attention,, which worked well,,, I had Foul Weather enter my life and I turned back to Jesus again- He was there,,, but you know what,,, it was not and is not easy to change directions after years of practicing the worlds ways- I struggle with it everyday- I ask forgiveness of Jesus for the hardships, I alone, brought into the lives of the people around me and my family, only because I wanted to be the life of the party- I was glorifying myself, using what the Lord had given me, that is all it was- Satan will test you constantly when you try to change back to the Light of Jesus- But it is only because of the Light of Jesus that you can change- Thank You Lord !!!

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