Won’t it be Nice Part 2

I was thinking about my post last night and realized that maybe I need to clarify the Ticket to Heaven statement !!!

When you give your heart to Jesus and invite him into you life,,, he grants you a free ticket to heaven ,,,, bought and paid for by him at the Cross of Calvary !!!

It is a completely free ticket,,,, but you have to accept it !!!

So how do you accept it,,,,

1st – You have to believe that he has the power and ability to offer the ticket !!! (Belief)

2nd – You have to ask him for the ticket from you heart !!! (Acceptance)

3rd – You have to admit that you have sinned and ask his forgiveness !!! (Admit you are a sinner and ask for his Forgiveness and to fill you and guide you with the I dwelling of his Holy Spirit !!!

4th – That’s it !!! You now have a free ticket on the lightning rocket to heaven at the end of your days here or when the Rapture occurs,, whichever come first !!!

Ohhhh ,,, did I mention it is free !!! We all like free stuff,,,, right !!!

God Bless Your Day !!!!

Won’t it be nice

Won’t it be nice when we get to heaven,,,, where everyone will like everyone !!!

What a glorious thought to cling too !!!

If you haven’t purchased your ticket to heaven through Jesus Christ ,,,, you need to act on that ASAP !!!

I, as do many people, have a sad conviction that we are fast approaching the final act of this world play !!!

More on that a bit later !!

Have a Great God Blessed Day !!!

Light and Dark

Hello and Good Day !!!We have just finished the Celebration of Easter !!!

Remember the reason for the Season,,,, The Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ from death to eternal life by God the Father !!! He conquered death with his resurrection !!!

If you think about this in terms we can relate to,,,, he, the light of the world,,, had to enter darkness in order to take on all the sins of the world !!! As we can all relate ,,, there is no complete darkness where there is any light !!!

God does not allow any darkness to enter into his realm,,, so in order for Jesus to absorb and accept all the sins of the world to pay the price for our sin,,, past, present and future,,, he had to enter darkness !!! Part of that process was that he had to completely be separated from God the Father and enter into complete darkness (voluntarily) !!! What a sacrifice !!!

So when the Father raised his son up from the dead (darkness) ,,, he brought him back into his light to become the light of all creation !! (Easter Celebration)

What does that mean for us ??? It shows to us that we are all living in darkness until we turn to Jesus for forgiveness of our sins !! Things may be all fun and games in our lives in this darkness ,,,, or NOT ,,, but I can tell you that at some point in this darkness,,, things are going to get real dark !! Then who can you turn too ??? Friends, family, co-workers or some so called expert ??? Well my experience having been around for a few years and trying to live through my dark days ,,, on my own,,, is ,,, any worldly help will fall far short in the long term !!

Accept Jesus and believe in his light and offering of forgiveness . At the very moment you invite him into your heart and believe in him,, he will, just like the father did with him,,,, raise you out of the darkness and into his light above all the darkness of this world !!! You will be amazed at how all of your dark problems will suddenly be seen in the his light. Immediately, you will be filled with peace and hope and will be given a simple way forward !!! (The most complex perplexing problems are pretty simple from God’s view,,, believe me)

I can guarantee, that living in his light is infinitely better then living in the darkness of this world !!

Plus,,, you will never have to fear death again, because you will have a ticket into his Father’s heaven for eternity!!!

God Bless Your Day in the Light !!!

Salvation Through Faith,,,, Too Easy

“Salvation by faith in Christ alone sounds too easy for many people. They would rather think that they have done something to save themselves. Their religion becomes one of self-effort that leads either to disappointment or pride and, in the end, to eternal death. Christ’s simple way is the only way, and it alone leads to eternal life.”

I ran across this statement while reading in my Tecarta Bible App !!! This, from some of my experiences,,,, is the reason or excuse some people use to not follow the Jesus path !!!

John 14:6 ,,,, Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

This simple way is the only way and it works ,,,, first time and every time ,,, Worked for me !!!

God Bless and have a Great Day !!!!