New Day

Every morning is the start of a new day,, it could be a wonderful new day,, it could be a not so wonderful new day,, or it could be you last day here on earth. If it turns out to be a great day, thank that Lord and ask for many more,,, if it is not such a good day, thank the Lord and ask for better days,,, if it is your last day, I hope you have accepted Jesus and are in Heaven with him,,, if you haven’t accepted or rejected Jesus than you are in for a lot of bad days. I pray everyone accepts Jesus today so you will have an eternity of Great Days !!!!


For years I have asked for help to Overcome my shortfalls- Overcome my worldly thoughts, greed, lusts, selfishness, I’ness, and unforgiving spirit- The list goes on and on,,, overcome, overcome, overcome,,,,,,, and then last night I received a gentle whisper from the Lord,,, “Larry, you need to just submit and I will do the overcoming” Now how simple and deep is that- Please give me the strength !!!!


We have to be careful about ,,, Different ,,, How we deal with “Different” – If we look at “Different” from our worldly perspective ,, we probably think it is wrong because it is Different – We have to approach “Different” from God’s perspective to really know ,,,, After all ,,, Jesus was “Different” ,,, Think about it.