Basic Focus of this Life

What is our basic focus in this life on earth – To have a good time, To get all we can get, To control people, To gain power and prestige, To make the world a better place, To make people as happy as we can and provide for them ???? While some of these things are good and some not so good,  I don’t think these are the main focus of our life here ,,,, Our basic focus in this life is to prepare for the next step,,, Eternity,,, and Eternity has two options ,,,Heaven or Hell- Option 1 ,,You can believe, accept, have faith and ask forgiveness of Jesus and have Eternity in Heaven (Far better then anything we can have or even imagine in this life),,,  Option 2,, we can reject Jesus and go into the Lake of Fire with Satan for Eternity (Far worse then anything we can experience in this life or even imagine) If you make no decision and take no action, your Eternity will default to Option 2- You need to be real sure of what you are doing, thinking and believing today,,, No one knows about tomorrow and eternity is a long time !!!

King for a Day

Oh,,, If I were King of the World for a day,,, What could I do ??? I could feed all the hungry,,, I could house all the homeless,,, I could stop all the wars and killing,,, I could fill every house with Gold ,,, But there is one thing I couldn’t do ??? I couldn’t save a single person, including myself, from Hell’s fire,,, only through my acceptance and forgiveness from The Lord Jesus Christ could I spend eternity with him in paradise !!! Choose what you want today wisely ???

Simple Word

It has been shown to me that every word inspired by God, though simple it seems, is but the cover hiding the infinite wisdom that is below. The wisdom and intelligence hidden behind each simple word or statement, is so vast that man’s mind cannot begin to comprehend, without the key provided by the Holy Spirit of God. I am continuously awe stricken by the timeless wisdom hidden behind each inspired word of God. How can you gain this wisdom,,, just believe,,, read God’s Inspired Word (Bible),,, and ask for clarity.